Why Can’t I Get A Beautiful Girlfriend?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That much is true.

Still, there’s no arguing that the world is filled to the brim with beautiful girls. So, why can’t I get a beautiful girlfriend? Someone must be dating them, right?

Well, chances are if that someone is never you, then you might have a few issues of your own to deal with. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a beautiful girl at your side. But the world works according to its own terms, so it’s best to first gain some wisdom as to what exactly beautiful women look for in a romantic partner.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll explore the most common mistakes perpetrated by men when it comes to finding, attracting, and dating beautiful women and what you can do to avoid them. The less you fall prey to these detrimental tactics, the better your odds of attracting high-class women.

1. You’re acting out of fear when you think you’re just “being nice”.

The idea that “nice guys finish last” has become so deeply entrenched in our minds that many people have actually started to believe it. It definitely feels that way a lot of the time, doesn’t it?

But the problem isn’t acting “nice” per se, it’s operating out of insecurity. Say you’ve been going on dates with a woman who is always late. Instead of pretending to be a nice guy and claiming it doesn’t bother you out of fear of scaring her off, speak your mind and stand up for yourself. Value your time and your life. Girls, and people in general, respect that even if it feels confrontational or awkward at first.

If you continue to accept her poor behavior, then she’ll continue to walk all over you. Eventually she will lose any attraction she has for you, because she’ll see you as a weak push-over instead of the strong, dominant man she wants. The truth is, women want nice guys who treat them with love and respect; they don’t want doormats.

2. You don’t treat beautiful women as “real” people.

Another reason some men can’t get beautiful girlfriends is because they treat an attractive woman as some kind of almighty goddess who they must play servant too. When you view a woman as being “way better than you” or totally “out of your league”, then it immediately kills your confidence, makes you act needy and desperate, and does a million other things to kill attraction.

This can be hard to fathom when you’re used to being single, but beautiful women are just like every other woman on the planet. They’re imperfect, flawed, and have their own insecurities just like everyone else. Refrain from putting them on a pedestal they have no desire to be on, and you’ll allow them the joy of being true to themselves.

3. You give up too easily.

While it’s important to know when to stop, it’s also a good idea not to let yourself be dissuaded by rejection. Being turned down is a normal part of the dating process. It doesn’t mean you’re ugly. It doesn’t mean you suck. It doesn’t mean she thinks you’re a totally dweeb, and that every other beautiful woman on the planet feels the same way.

In fact, depending on what’s going on in her life, it might not even be a “No”. It might just be a “Not right now”. Learn how to shrug it off quickly and you’ll be that much better off for it.

4. You make women the focal point of your life.

No one is saying that love isn’t important and all-encompassing. Basing your entire happiness on it, however, is bound to fail since real intimacy and love come after the initial infatuation fades.

Remember that you are a fully functioning individual who doesn’t need anyone else to be happy. That in itself can be a very attractive quality in a man. You shouldn’t put everything else in your life on hold to pursue a woman.

5. You want it too much.

Pursuing desirable females with the end goal of dating them is the honest and correct approach. But keep in mind that when you first meet someone it’s ok to just be friends in the beginning.

Get to know that other person first and allow attraction to develop naturally instead of forcing the issue. If you try to rush things, you can easily come off as creepy and needy. If you’re desperate to date her, she’ll know it…and she’ll run in the opposite direction.

Overall, it’s important to go into the dating scene as someone who knows who they are. Petty tactics only compensate for glaring personal deficiencies such as insecurity or other symptoms of arrested development.

The key is to first grow up as a man. Only then can you get a beautiful girlfriend and give yourself a chance at real happiness.



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