How The Girlfriend Activation System Turns Strange Guys Into Chick Magnets

When you think of a “strange” guy, the last word you probably associate with him is “chick magnet”. Instead, descriptors like stalker, psycho, and dweeb come to mind.

But today I want to let you in on a little secret from the Girlfriend Activation System about how to get a girlfriend by being “strange”.

You see, being strange is mysteriously seductive to women, and when you use it the right way, I guarantee you’ll have more dates with incredible women in the next month than you’ve had all year.

Now, I wish I could take all the credit for this idea because it’s truly powerful stuff…

But I never even realized the true power behind it until I came across the Girlfriend Activation System, created by a guy named Christian H. Once I did, my dating life changed tremendously, so I recommend you read and apply this:

I’ll get back to that in a sec, but first let me explain a little more about what I mean by being strange to attract women.

There are billions of men in the world. You already know that. In fact, it probably feels like every one of them is after the same smoking hot brunette you are.

But guess what…when it comes to attracting women, almost all men fall into two main categories.

1. First are the guys who listen to what TV, magazines, “gurus”, and friends say about attracting women. These are the so-called “regular guys”.

2. Next are the guys who don’t worry about what everyone else thinks or does. They just do what works. These are the “strange guys”.

This spectrum really covers both extremes and virtually all men swing very strongly toward one side or the other.

What about you? Are you a regular guy or a strange guy? How can you tell?

Maybe some further description is in order…

A regular guy picks up the most popular dating magazines and does whatever they say to get girls.

You know the drill. The pointy shoes. The pink button-ups. The designer clothing. The cowboy hats or crazy, wacked-out hairdos. Basically, all the stuff these so-called “experts” say to do to attract attention and get girls to notice you.

And what about the strange guy? Well, he goes out in anything he damn well pleases. Whatever makes him comfortable.

The strange guy doesn’t try to impress women by making a fashion statement. He doesn’t try to ramp up his value by wearing expensive clothes. The strange man already knows his value and believes women should try to impress him, not the other way around.

Need other examples? Ok, fair enough.

The regular guy constantly obsesses over how to approach women and what to say. He spends half his life learning pick-up lines, card tricks, and other lame-o tactics, hoping something he says or does will impress her enough to get a phone number or a date.

And how does all that usually work out for him? Masturbation sessions at home to relieve pent up sexual frustration. That’s how.

The regular guy gets hung up on one woman…his crush…and hopes day in and day out she’ll fall in love….eventually.

The strange guy, on the other hand, has an endless supply of hot women. He gets sex whenever he wants. He never worries about the approach. He never loses sleep over what to say to a woman. In reality, he rarely has to say anything.

The strange guy might sit up in bed to check the day’s football scores on his smart phone, but then he goes right back to banging the hottie…or hotties…in his bed.

The strange guy doesn’t wait around for women to love him. He MAKES women love him. He doesn’t care about crushes. He just takes what he wants, not just with women, but in every aspect of his life.

The strange guy doesn’t have to chase women because his power and his dominance bring women to him. And they love him for it.

The strange guy can touch a woman with his eyes and turn her on instantly. It’s totally crazy when you see how it’s done.

So are you a strange guy or a regular guy?

Click here for the strange guy’s secret…

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